JCassand Tie & Size Chart

Tie Chart: The Necktie chart provides the best way to tie the necktie to get the desired results. It is also a simplified way to provide men with options for selecting the appropriate cut that matches the necktie blade length and design that is best for them.

Utilizing the chart system will save men valuable morning time and frustration in front of the mirror trying to get the best knot and blade length for ALL their neckties. See “Getting the Right Fit” to take the mystery out of tying these neckties!


  • The chart is based on medium neck size 16-16.5 inches. This means that when using the button position system to tie the necktie, the starting position for the button may need to be adjusted slightly, varying .05-1 inch up or down depending on neck the size and how tight the knot is.
  • The chart is sorted by design, type of knot that is used and the button position to get the desired blade length. If the knot desired is not listed, this is a great opportunity to try something new!
  • The Cut determines the blade length that will get the desired style and results every time.
  • Using the Button Position System:
    • Place the small tip of the necktie on or near the starting button, then crisscross the necktie and start tying.
    • Button Option:
      • 1) Vary the button position to get desired blade length
      • 2) Use one standard button position on all designs while choosing different cuts.
    • Lower button positions (4-5.5) work very well with Four-in-Hand because it uses less of the necktie to tie.
    • The higher button positions, starting top to bottom (3-3.5) create longer necktie blades and lower button positions (4-5.5) create shorter necktie blades.
    • Longer necktie blades form smaller knots because more of the smaller end of the necktie is being used.
    • Necktie length varies 58-59.5 inches.
    • Unique Method Of Tying The Neckties: Full or Double Windsor, Single or Half Windsor and Four-In-Hand
    • Ways to search the chart: Button Position (Military Style), Blade Cut, Blade Length

Download The JCassand Tie & Size Chart or see below