Getting The Right Fit

Who knew there was a simple system using tie length, knot and buttons that resulted in a perfect fit every time men tied their neckties?

The secret to a perfect fit with ALL your ties ALL the time is found here. Time spent here will save men time and frustration in front of the mirror every morning! 

Let’s take the mystery out of these neckties! Getting the look you want is very easy and is based on several factors:

  • The Length you wear your necktie
  • Cut of the blade
  • Design: Full Knot, Half Knot, Split Blade
  • Type of Knot you use: Full (double) Windsor, Half (single) Windsor or Four-In-Hand Knot.
  • Button Position of where you start tying the necktie

We just take the way you tie your necktie and added two things, cut, and design.
The cut of the blade determines the blade length and ultimately the design.
To simplify this process, we created a Necktie chart.

Let’s get started. You only need to do this process once to establish the length of your necktie and the cut you will use to get the design you desire.

  • Start by tying your necktie the way you typically do using a Full (double) Windsor, Half (single) Windsor or Four-In-Hand Knot.
  • Measure the blade from the bottom (underneath) of the knot to the tip of the blade. This will give you the exact length of the blade for which you prefer to wear your tie.  Also, it will help you to establish the perfect length every time you tie your necktie. Measuring the blade is recommended because if you measure it once, you won’t have to measure it again unless you want to change the length of your blade (whether you wear your necktie above, slightly touching or on the belt buckle).  Also, measuring the length takes into consideration your neck size whether your neck is small, medium or large and your height.  It all depends on how long you wear your necktie no matter the position of the button from which you start tying your necktie or the knot you use. By using this system, you will always have your perfect blade length.  Note, also keep in mind the full length of the necktie (57”-62”) because it makes a big difference when selecting a necktie.
  • Once you know the length, go to the chart and select the design, type of knot and button position to determine the cut you need to always get the look you desire.  You also have the option of sticking with one button position and blade length to locate your design all the time or you can mix it up by using another methods like, blade length or going with a different cuts but using a different button positions.
  • Your Button Position should coincide with the cut and length of the blade.
  • Getting the right length of the blade and design when using the Button Position or Military Style depends on the size of your neck. The tie chart is based on a medium size neck or 15 ½-16 neck size. So if you have a smaller or large neck size, you will need to adjust the button position up or down. Add or subtract a half of button length for example if you have a 15 inch neck and you start tying your necktie around button 3.5 then roughly, button 4 should be the starting point and vice versa.  If your neck is 17 and you start tying your necktie around button 3.5 then roughly, button 3 should be the starting point.  But if you measure your blade, you will never have to adjust your starting position unless you want to change your blade length.

Option: Go by the blade cut or by the position of the button to determine the right blade length.

We are always here to help you get the right fit.  For more information, please contact customer service. We are always happy to help.