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    JCassand Necktie collection comprises of three unique, fun, and different necktie designs or styles: Full Color KnotFull Color Knot Split Blade and Split Color Knot. These trendy neckties are soon to become your popular favorites.


    Full Color Knot Neckties
    or Contrast Knot Neckties is tied so
    that the color of the knot is a different color than the blade color.


    Full Color Knot Split Blade Necktie is tied so that the upper blade and the knot are the same color and are different from the color of the lower blade. This combination of a Contrast Knot Necktie and a unique Designer Necktie with a diagonally split color blade creates a very sophisticated and classy Necktie.


    The Split Color Knot is a One of a Kind Necktie for the elite person that can be used as a Business Necktie, Special Occasion Necktie or even as a Sporty Necktie.


    Upper Split Knot (upper blade color)

    The necktie is tied so that each side of the knot is a different color whereas the upper color is different from that of the blade.

    Lower Split Knot (lower blade color)

    The necktie is tied so that each side of the knot is a different color whereas the lower color is different from that of the blade.

    The split color designation occurs at the final loop through of the necktie before wrapping around the necktie to create the front of the knot. Wrap around the necktie from left to right to get the lower split color (same as blade) and wrap around from right to left to get the upper split color (same as blade).

    How the neckties are made

    Redesigned neckties that are matched with a satin ribbon piping between both pieces of ties (tail and blade) to create a new look. This new concept as well as the satin ribbon piping is the trademark of the JCassand brand of unique and beautiful neckties.


    These unique neckties are made from 100% natural fibers, i.e. silk, cotton, wool, etc., but predominantly silk.


    JCassand Redesign Neckties may not match 100% with the same type of fabric, weave, weight, color, etc. but all fabrics are 100% silk, cotton, wool, etc. The trademark ribbon between fabrics serves as an anchor and stabilizer for both pieces of the necktie, thus performing in a way that adds consistency and strength for both sides of the necktie (Blade and Tail). We strive to create the perfect marriage among our best neckties.