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    JCassand is a USA brand that promotes diversity, individuality, strength and originality. We create unique and avant-garde designs with a touch of flair.  We are innovative and every design we touch we make our own.  Our Motto is: Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Different, Be You!

    The idea for the JCassand line of ties came from an insight gleaned while observing businessmen on their way to work while traveling on a train from Connecticut to New York. It was observed that businessmen didn’t have the option of changing up their professional look outside of their suits and maybe their shirts. And the concept of JCassand ties came to life! With JCassand neckties, men can now have a diverse look everyday by just changing the way they tie their neckties.

    The JCassand modern necktie designs kick it up a notch by adding just enough flair to create a look that is unique yet professional. Men will find the latest in quality neckties within JCassand's collection, made by hand, from fabric made of 100% Silk, Cotton or Wool, in styles ranging from professional to bold and jazzy.